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Wholesale – Framing Their Memories, At An Affordable Price

When you purchase frames wholesale you get the opportunity to have a nice selection of attractive frames to present to your customers, all for hugely competitive prices that simply cannot be matched by other retailers. Frames can be an incredibly lucrative investment for a dollar discount store owner, so be sure that you have a nice selection for your customers to pick from.

Our merchandisers can offer you a few tips for ordering the best wholesale frames for your targeted market. A significant number of business owners are a bit hesitant about the earnings potential of picture frames, but if you are not yet convinced that frames offer a great potential for turning a profit, there are just a few things that you should consider.

  • Picture frames are always in demand, no matter the season or time of the year. They will be steadily purchased year-round. This makes them a reliable money-maker for your store.
  • Frames cost very little to produce, which means that your wholesale cost for them will be incredibly low, which then in turn allows you to pass the savings directly on to your customers.
  • Frames are excellent choices for a variety of occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and also for seasonal events.

Purchasing frames wholesale is truly one of the best business investments that you can make. With an attractive display of picture frames in your store you will likely be surprised at how fast the move off of the shelves, and out of the store.

In order to ensure that you are meeting the high demand for frames, it is essential that you offer a nice variety of frames. Collage picture frames, in a multitude of sizes, are a popular choice, especially when they are offered at discount prices. Collage picture frames are typically on the costly side, even at big box retailers, which makes your store offering them an incredibly attractive feature for your customers.

Document frames, along with baby frames, make great gifts for those milestone moments, and are often purchased for special occasions. Ensure that you have frames that are ideal for displaying wedding photos, family photos, photos of the grandkids, and even of the pets. Novelty photo frames are often a huge hit, especially if they relate to kids or pets.

You should make sure that you have a good selection of frame sizes to suit every need, including some that are more on the traditional side, and others that offer a contemporary touch. Be sure that you also consider the added value of photo albums and digital frames. People love to display their family or vacation photographs, so the more products you can offer them, the more they will purchase; especially once they see the discount prices that you are offering.

Purchasing frames wholesale is not just another great way of providing your customers with the home décor items that they need to display family photos. It is a superb way for you to boost profits and ensure that your customers recognize the added value that visiting your store can provide to them.

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