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Wholesale Seasonal Items – Tips For Giving Customers What They Need

Seasonal decorations and other types of seasonal supplies can quickly bust the budget for those who are looking to ensure they celebrate with style. Your discount dollar store can offer the solution by stocking a great selection of wholesale seasonal items that offer the quality and the unbeatable price that your customers are seeking. Knowing which seasonal items your customers will be shopping for can be a challenge, especially if your store is relatively new or not yet the established source for all things discounted.

With some great tips, and the guidance of an experienced merchandiser, you’ll soon have your store stocking all of the items that your customers are looking for to make their holiday celebrations just that much more affordable.

Starting with wholesale seasonal decorations, you should ensure that you have the basics for celebrating the major holidays. These include Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, July Fourth, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas. Tablecloths, napkins, paper plates and cups, along with themed wall decorations can all be some of the essentials that you offer for each of these holidays. Keep in mind that if you have solid colors like red or green, you can stock them again for multiple seasonal events if you have extras left over. For example, red items could work well for Valentine’s Day, July Fourth, and Christmas.

We all love decorating our tables for the various seasonal celebrations, so some really attractive themed plates, bowls, cups, and other dinnerware could be huge sellers with your customers, regardless of the celebrated season.

Other wholesale seasonal items you purchase could include table centerpieces, figurines, and Christmas tree decorations, along with decorations for both inside and outside of the home. Halloween decorations are sure to be a huge hit with your customers, so be sure that you offer a great selection of décor choices for decorating the inside and outside of their homes. Whether you decide to keep Christmas trees in stock will largely depend on your demographics and on the amount of space that you have to dedicate within your store.

Balloons are a popular choice for a large number of seasonal celebrations, so give some thought as to whether you want to cross into offering seasonal balloon bouquets for your customers. If you do decide to offer balloons then be sure to advertise to your customers that you will be offering balloon bouquets so that they know to stop on in to get their St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween balloons.

Purchasing wholesale seasonal items will help your business to remain competitive in the market. While you may not offer the same extensive collection of seasonal items as some of the big box store do, you will however have an edge over them. As your customers recognize that they can rely on your store for being the source of their everyday essentials, they will also love stopping by to see what kind of seasonal items they can get at the discount prices that they have come to associate with your business.

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