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Stickers & Magnets S65 H

Hera at Dollar Store Merchandise, our stock list of wholesale magnets is straightforward and easy to navigate. We realize our dollar store buyers have to have a wide collection of household necessities and we all make sure the description, prices and package items are readily accessible. Few people incorporate magnets on their shopping lists, however having a suitable magnet display so you can attract customers into buying them.

Magnets can be fun as well as useful. Everyone uses the freezer to share notices, university images, as well as recipes. Nevertheless, not really anyone features a magnet as it truly is needed. If you place these items in prominent places in the store where they can be easily acquired, it may increase the revenue of your stores significantly.

Here on Dollar Store Merchandise, we deliver magnets themes such as athletic tennis balls, ice buckets, fruit, liquor, pans and pots, in addition to home items. We also have an inventory of casino magnets, teddy bears and champagne bottles. You’ll also encounter multi-piece mixed magnet sets which appeal to customers who know that most households have a tendency to have too few magnets rather than too many. Your customers can find a magnet for every occasion and purpose. Magnets can also be slipped inside gifts and greeting card envelopes. They can be used to keep important papers stuck on to file cabinets and can be used to decorate kid’s school lockers. Your dollar store can stock a wide range of magnets to meet all these requirements.

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