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Housewares Wholesales – Decorating One Home At A Time

As a discount dollar store you have the opportunity to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. By offering housewares you offer your customers the ability to get their home essentials, at a price that fits in well with their budget. While you may be a discount store, and purchasing your goods from housewares wholesalers, your customers will recognize quality when they see it and will return to you repeatedly as they require new pieces to finish out their homes.

Learning more about your market can certainly help you to ensure that you are meeting the needs of those who walk through your front door, but there are also some basic housewares essentials that will stand you in good stead and also be readily purchased by college students, new homeowners, parents looking to replace items their kids broke, or even those looking to outfit their new lake house.

Working with one of our expert merchandisers will allow you the opportunity to learn more about the types of housewares essentials that typically do well in dollar stores. Here are some tips to help you make decisions when purchasing from housewares wholesalers.

Ensure that you have plenty of kitchen basics on hand. This could include pots and pans, as well as dishes and flatware. You may also consider a few small appliances like can openers, slow cookers, coffeemakers, and toasters. Housewares essentials will also include cooking utensils, whisks, potato mashers, spatulas, and measuring cups. Cutting boards and serving trays are also very often in demand, especially if they are of a good quality and being sold for a really great price. Don’t forget kitchen towels in a range of basic colors to fit well in just about any kitchen.

Another popular area for housewares will include items for the dining room. From placemats to linen napkins and elegant napkin rings, you’ll find that the essentials for setting the dinner table are popular choices. Glassware that includes tumblers and wineglasses will also be favored by your customers. Keep in mind that decorative vases and candle sticks will also fall into this category.

Items for the bathroom are another popular area to consider, and could include soap dishes, magnifying mirrors, hair dryers, shower radios, digital scales, and shower caddies. When decorating a home on a budget, you’ll find that consumers are often looking for coordinating items that will give them the high-end look on their tight budget.

As housewares wholesalers we offer an incredible selection of products that have demonstrated to be highly popular amongst consumers looking for affordability in home décor and home essentials. By providing these types of items you will be able to complete effectively with the big box stores, and also with other housewares retailers in your area. Be sure that you are offering a great selection of essentials and you are bound to see them moving off the shelf. If you have questions about which products will truly be the bestsellers, be sure to ask our knowledgeable merchandisers for their expert opinions.

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