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Decorative Linen 2 A12

Dollar stores are very popular due to the fact that they offer very low prices that encourage impulse buying and makes customers buy things that they don’t actually need. One of the examples of these items is decorative home accessories, so be sure to have plenty of these in stock. Candles, ceramics, photo frames and bath accessories are the most popular of these items. Household linens are also a must-have for the impulse shopper.

Kitchen linens also are good sellers because they are expedient. Many shoppers buy a new dish towel, potholders and the like because it’s an affordable way to decorate a kitchen without spending much on a major renovation job. Shoppers are also encouraged to buy several pieces more than they should of kitchen coordinates, that’s why it’s a good item to stock on your store. For example, a store buyer only wanted to buy a dish towel, but then if there are pot holders, place mats, and chair cushion covers, oven mitts and appliance covers of the same design, it’s pretty irresistible.

At Dollar Store Merchandise, we also have a superb selection of wall hangings that appeal to all tastes. We have all kinds of items such as religious, patriotic, pet and welcome motifs. And also, don’t forget the holidays! Remember to have a variety in your stocks according to season – display holly dish towels at Christmas, flower motifs in spring and nautical designs and primary colors during summer. Keep in mind that decorative items are usually things people are not aware about until they see them.

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