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Beauty Wholesale Distributors – Keeping Your Business Sitting Pretty

Regardless of the area that your discount retail store is located in, you will find that health and beauty products will consistently be amongst your biggest selling items. In order to provide your customers with the products that they need and want you will need to ensure that your beauty wholesale distributors can offer you quality brand name products at discounted rates, so that you can then pass the savings on to your customers as they purchase their favorite products.

If you are a new dollar store retailer then it may take several weeks or even months to wholly understand the needs and wants of your targeted customer base. How then can you ensure that you are serving them well until you best understand which products will truly be the bestsellers on your shelves? The key is to ensure that you are providing a nice selection of products that will appeal to a wide demographic. As health and beauty wholesalers with merchandisers who have years of experience, we can help your business to determine a good selection of products to stock until you are able to get a firm feel of just who your customers are.

Keep in mind that you will want to appeal to a fairly wide demographic in terms of age ranges, and also offer products that appeal to men as well as to women. Some of the items that men would be more likely to purchase could include hair styling products, shampoo, shaving essentials, aftershave, and deodorant. A smaller selection of powder and lotion appealing to men wouldn’t be remiss.

Women are likely to spend a fair bit more of their time and money shopping for health and beauty products in your store. They will typically shop for makeup that could include mascara and eye shadow, along with nail polish and lipstick, hair styling products, shampoo, deodorants, lotions, body sprays, hair color, and so on. As beauty wholesale distributors we can offer a great variety of products that have consistently been demonstrated as being top sellers for other retail outlets. This is why it can be so vital to work with an experienced merchandiser who is not just familiar with the products but is also familiar with the buying habits of customers across genders and age groups.

By offering your customers a store that is bright, fresh, and of course spotless, you will be encouraging them to spend more time browsing your shelves. As your customers recognize their favorite health and beauty products, and see that they are able to get them at discounted prices, you are sure to recognize patterns and trends developing in the way that the products move off of the shelves.

We are beauty wholesale distributors with a vested interest in seeing your business achieve the results that you deserve. Allow our merchandising experts to use their knowledge and experience to guide you in the direction of products that will ensure your discount store becomes the go-to retailer for shoppers looking for quality products at unbeatable prices.

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