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We are dedicated in fulfilling our promises to you. We would like to see that our balloons as an essential part of your store’s success. We’re here to help. The information
We are serious about our commitment to you. We want balloons to be a vital part of the success of your store. We are here to help you. We provide you with the information in helping you understand the balloon business. Placing your order here is just the start! When you get your order, we expect you to call us. We have the answers to your questions! We’ll help you get organized and get comfortable with this business. Organization is very important to your success! Once you understand the profitability of this part of your business, you’ll be happy that none of your competitors understand how you operate this business. Let us help you become a success in the balloon business.

If you have ever been into a usual dollar store, you will see 20-30 foil balloons on display on the walls. These balloons are not usually inflated and could be found directly taped to the walls. We firmly believe that this is not the way to do a balloon program and we will provide you a big opportunity for success.

It is vital for you to set your store apart from the rest of the marketplace. If your store can accommodate it, we will suggest 100 designs. Inflate one of these designs with regular air (not helium) by using a hand pump and arrange them on the walls of your store, just above your slat wall or wall racks and the ceiling. Arrange your balloons by theme. At least 50% of the balloons you’ll get from us have the birthday theme. Attach the inflated balloons to the wall by using VELCRO and number them 1-100.

Generally we choose the balloons by our listing of top sellers, by type. You are free to pick your personal designs when you desire. BUT, if you allow us to take your choices, we may “guarantee” this success with the various patterns. If you find that a certain selection seriously isn’t selling after getting put it in your wall and also tried it for a lot of months, we’ll return this unused versions to you, and decide on another style from our huge selection at no charge to you. In this way you can really feel that this selection is usually picked to provide the ideal variety and from the balloons which are THE BEST in their category. Bear in mind, not most balloons sell on the same rate, but it is very important have many selections and many occasions to decide on. This assures SUCCESS within the balloon team.

To set up this foil balloons, you must put the remaining balloons inside file ring binders by your product # for the wall. Make sure put this UPC amount inside this file folder. All of your foil balloons can certainly end up being saved in the two-drawer file cabinet or possibly a package underneath the counter-top. They should be organized numerically that will help you find the customer’s choice rapidly.

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