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Aroma and Fragrance S63

There is a high demand for scented oils, as they are very popular today. You can be assured of a long lasting and far reaching scent with just a few drops into the oil warmer. Our scents will remove any cooking, pet, cigarette and other odors while giving your surroundings a sweet scent that allows you to relax and pamper your senses. Our scents come from the best natural essential sources. Our brand options are Power Wing or EASEL

  1. Natural Aroma Oils: This is a very popular brand and has been custom-made for discount stores with more than 3,000 sale points nationwide. If you have a discount store, then you definitely must have this line. (2 OZ & 0.5 OZ)
  2. Sonec Oils – this line is specially made for upscale discount stores. It comes with a very colorful and attractive packaging. It is divided into 6 families or categories:
    1. Perfumes ( Baby Powder, Chanel # 5, Cool Water, Eternity, Obsession, Tommy Hilfigure)
    2. Fruits ( Cherry Almond, Coco Mango, Cucumber Melon, Strawberry, Strawberry Melon, Watermelon)
    3. Trees & Roots ( Ancient Sandalwood, Arabian Patchouli, Cinnamon Stick, Eucalyptus Blossom, Frankincense, Vanilla)
    4. Mystical ( Angel Breath, Black Opium, Egyptian Musk, Fairy Dreams, Innocence, Midnight Lover)
    5. Flowers ( Hawaiian Plumeria, Italian Jasmine, Lavender Fields, Nag Champa, Red Rose, White Gardenia)
    6. Nature ( China Rain, English Garden, Indian Moon, Sea Breeze, Summer Love, Tropical Rainforest). This type of oil works best if used with Sonec products.
  3. Scents of Life Scented Oils – this is created for mass merchant pharmacy retailers. Right now, we supply Walgreens, Navarro and Longs, to name a few. We are manufacturing top quality oils for this market at a very reasonable price.
  4. Scents for Life Incense – we have the best incense in the market – manufactured in the USA. We take great pride in our 48 hour dipping process.
  5. Botanical Scents of Nature – These oils have the highest available concentration levels. The scents were made to cater to high end gift stores.

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