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Dollar Store Merchandise sells a huge amount of stock items for under a dollar in item categories you may not have even imagined. Our Dollar Store Merchandise sells so much more than housewares, bath and beauty, consumables and gift items. We sell fishing items, aqua products, pet supplies, reading glasses and more. You’ll be inspired with ideas just by looking at the product categories on our site. We have items that are fit for stocking the whole year round and we also have holiday-themed stock items. Usually customers look for a full range of holiday items in dollar stores. Most of the items can go beyond what you expect, especially if you put some thought and creativity on what you order.


Colors represent most holidays, and any product in these colors becomes an actual holiday item. A good example would be red and green sprinkles, which are a great Christmas item. Black and orange gift bags are perfect for Halloween. Mardi Gras often churns up purple, gold and green decors. Our huge varieties of items are both traditional and unique. Our website is regularly updated with new inventory. Also visit, if you would like to set up a dollar store or call us at 877-549-5210.


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