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Apparel Wholesale – Dressing Your Customers For Success, For Less

The customers that spend their time and their hard-earned money in your store are there for several reasons. The primary reason is that everyone loves to purchase quality items for discounted prices. When you purchase apparel wholesale, you will be allowing your customers the ability to get their hands on some of the best name brand products, all for the low prices that they have come to expect from your store.

Knowing which items will be the best sellers can sometimes be a challenge, especially in a demographically diverse area. Our merchandisers have spent decades recognizing fashion trends and learning which wardrobe essentials typically result in strong sales. They can help you to determine just which types of apparel will move fast out of your front doors, and which ones might be a harder sell.

Some of the essentials that every discount retailer like yours should stock will include socks. Socks are worn year-round, they wear out fast regardless of the quality or cost, and parents often appreciate getting great deals on socks that their kids are likely going to lose in no time at all. You should have several types of socks, from ankle socks, crew socks, knee-high socks, socks for children, and dress socks for him and her.

Some other apparel wholesale items that you should keep on the shelves year-round should include undergarments. While women are typically considered to be the biggest purchasers of undergarments, it is important that you offer products for men, women, and children alike. Stick to the basics with solid colors that will appeal to a wider range of consumers. It can be tempting to select vibrant patterns and bold colors but you might just be limiting the number of customers that purchase them. Stick to the basics, simple is often better with undergarments.

Sleepwear for children and adults is another section that you should keep in stock, along with short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts that are in a range of colors and styles. When it comes to the children’s clothing you would likely be better served by sticking with licensed brands like Disney, as these items tend to be more popular.

Seasonal apparel, like sundresses and spaghetti strap shirts are a must-have for the warm summer months while gloves, scarves, mittens, coats, and hats are the must-have items to keep on the shelves for the winter months. Flip-flops and other types of summer sandals can be great items to keep on hand, particularly if you are in an area where your customers may be heading out for a day at the beach or at the lake.

Something else to keep in mind is the sizes that you stock. When it comes to apparel wholesale products for children you should ensure that you have plenty of sizes ranging from newborn on up; for adults sizes you may be better served sticking with medium, large, and the extra large sizes that will be a comfortable fit for your customers. Sizes can be tricky but once you have a better feel for your customers then you will be able to ensure that you are purchasing sizes and styles that they will best enjoy.

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