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Apparel Wholesale Vendors – Looking for the Top Wholesale Source for You

Are you an owner of a discount store? Are you in need of wholesale vendors that are able to give high-quality and great value products in the most effective and convenient manner?

If that’s the case, Dollar Store Warehouse is your discount wholesaler!

DSW is one of the country’s top wholesale vendors catering to a wide range of discount products that are affordable and high quality – including men, women and children’s apparel.

If you are in need of a reliable name in the wholesale business – a company you can depend on for your wholesale clothing needs – we are the place to go.


Furnishing Your Store with the Best in Apparel

Clothing plays an important role in any dollar store or discount retailer’s success.

As the leading dollar store wholesaler in the business, we understand the importance of high-quality clothing to any successful business. When it comes to products that sell, clothing’s where it’s at. This comes as no surprise – there’s always a big demand for value-priced apparel for people of all ages.


Big profit drivers include socks, undergarments, winter items (gloves, mittens, scarves and more), licensed apparel, accessories and other must-have items.


Because we’re the best in our field, you are assured that your shelves and racks fully stocked with these items all year.


Products We Offer

Every good apparel wholesale vendor offers an extensive selection. We pride ourselves in being the best – and carry the best collection of brands, clothing types, accessories, and more.


We have everything you need!


Some of our inventory includes:

  • Wide selections of socks (crew, knee-high, licensed children’s socks, ankle socks and more)
  • Winter clothing including gloves, hats, scarves, mittens and coats
  • T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts with various colors, styles, and designs
  • Undergarments and undergarment sets for men and women
  • License and name brands like Disney and Reebok
  • Sleepwear


If your store wants to succeed, you need to have these highly profitable wholesale dollar store items that practically sell themselves.


Fill your store with products that are always in demand and get started on getting the best-selling inventory. Submit your orders and contact us by calling toll-free, 1-888-827-5101. For best in apparel and other wholesale items, go to DSW today.



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